FINDINGS : Big Bad Playground Bullet

Finding cool things like this in the ground is always exciting. A very large caliber bullet used for hunting big game pops out of the ground as I’m digging with my dirt digger. The first thing that comes to mind is “holy crap, that’s a huge bullet, awesome!”  After about 3 seconds you then start to realize, “holy crap, that’s a huge bullet, I hope it doesn’t explode in my hands!”

I found this bullet in a park near my house in Sacramento, CA, and it was a very bittersweet find because it was only about 30 feet from the kids playground. Now I understand that this round of ammo isn’t going to do any harm on it’s own, and being two inches under the ground it probably would have just stayed there forever never to be found. My question is, who was hanging out at this family park with hunting ammo in their possession and happened to lose one of the bullets? I always try to picture the scenario of target finds and play out the scene in my head.

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